Sunny Art Studio New Course 25/06/2012

    In order to meet the increasing demand, Sunny Art Studio has designed a set of academic art classes for the students at beginning, intermediate to advanced levels. There are also Hobby classes designed for art lovers who are focusing more on the experience of trying different kinds of arts and themes. Student can choose 4-24 sessions from our Beginning classes, Intermediate-advanced classes, or Hobby classes according to your personal needs

    For the Beginning classes we start from the most fundamental and yet important techniques. In essence, geometry shapes are the fundamental shapes an artist must learn in order to achieve a deeper understanding of all forms, when learning to draw. This drawing tutorial offers step by step drawing lessons for beginners, easy drawing exercises for all, and a great way to improve student’s technique. Additionally, we ensure that all students are able to grasp the learning materials and have motivation, awareness and understanding of the arts.

    For the Intermediate classes, besides the aforementioned skills which students could gain, these classes further expand student’s understanding of composition, perspective, tone and colour through the practice and guidance from our teachers in these classes.

    In the Advanced classes, students are enabled to engage with more complex media and technique, allowing the students to expand their understanding and consciousness of the art world through exposing and engaging them to various artists and artworks, in an innovative, questioning and multidisciplinary studio environment.

    In the Hobby classes, students are provided with the opportunity to try different kinds of art, from regular drawing and painting, to human figure drawing; from Western art to Asian art, from still life to creation. Students will be able to experience various art styles and develop their interests and skills in art creations.

    Our aim is that each student will ultimately develop a unique artistic sensibility which they can call their own.

    The Stages of Beginner Course, Intermediate/advanced Course and the learning objectives
    *Student can choose a fitted stage to progress after comprehensive stage. Tutor may adjust above contents of classes according to student’s situation. *Student can try life drawing class instead of regular class.


    Stage 1: 1-2 Classes—Comprehensive stage
    A comprehensive stage which aims to build up an understanding of art and colour, find out students’ abilities and difficulties through general drawing or painting.

    >>>Progress to a fitted stage according to needs
    Stage 2: 2 Classes
    -Introduction to the materials and basic techniques through copying geometry shapes cast.
    Stage 3: 2 Classes
    -Introduction to acrylic painting materials and basic techniques through copying simple art works.
    Stage 4: 2-4 Classes
    -Focusing on techniques, these classes guide students to develop their ability to draw and paint single objects in still life.
    Stage 5: 2-4 Classes
    -Based on previous classes, students are required to manage multiple objects through a group of still life drawing/painting.
    Stage 6: 4-6 Classes
    -Through the practices of different art materials and themes, students are required to apply what they learnt into their work.
    Stage 7: 6 Classes
    -Focused on details and the application of various techniques, these classes further develop students’ ability to finish works in advanced level.


    Stage 1: 1-2 Classes–Comprehensive stage
    A comprehensive stage with general drawing or painting in which tutor will find out student’s characteristics, give feedbacks on areas to improve in later stages.

    >>>Progress to a fitted stage according to needs
    Stage 2: 2 Classes
    Focused on details and basics, these classes train students to strengthen their skills through cast drawing and copying from the old masters.
    Stage 3: 2-4 Classes
    Strengthen painting skills through acrylic painting with single object/a group of still life, and more complex structure.
    Stage 4: 2-4 Classes
    Develop higher level of drawing skills through the practices of single object/ a group of still life, and more complex structure.
    Stage 5: 4 Classes
    The application of higher level skills in landscape
    Stage 6: 4 Classes
    The application of higher level skills in human drawing
    Stage 7: 4 Classes
    Oil painting techniques and application
    Stage 8: 4 Classes
    Creation and completion of art works in an advanced level

    ————————Programme of Hobby Course————————————————
    Options:4 Classes /6 Classes/8 Classes/12 Classes/16 Classes/24 Classes

    *Try drawing or painting with different themes of contents or art materials (mix and match from the following classes):

    Still life group: Cast drawing/painting, Still life drawing/painting (glassware/ metal ware/ porcelain/ ect); Still life drawing/painting: Food (Tropical Fruit/Vegtable); Art works drawing/painting: antique/venetian carnival masks; How to draw/ paint flowers (different kinds of flower).

    Landscape group: How to draw/paint forest; how to paint mountains; How to draw/paint animal; Landscape painting- from photography.

    Human drawing group: Cast drawing/painting: ear, nose; Cast drawing/painting: eye, lip; Self portrait (Tip: bring your own mirror); How to draw human hand; How to draw human feet; Life drawing/painting: Family/friends portrait; Life drawing: Sketching the classmate in movement; *Life drawing/painting Male nude; *Life drawing/painting female nude.

    The application of different materials: Charcoal drawing tutorial; Watercolour painting tutorial; Acrylic painting tutorial; Chinese painting tutorial; Oil painting tutorial.

    Art and creation: Copying from old masters; Drawing from memory: without reference; How to paint your thoughts using dots, lines and of colour;