Yinjie Sun’s Solo exhibition in Museum of East Asian Art– Memories of Tomorrow 20/06/2012

    On Saturday 7th July, a new exhibition tiled “Memories of Tomorrow: Paintings by Yinjie Sun” will open at the Museum of East Asian Art. The exhibition will run until 16th September. Yinjie Sun is the first artist being presented under the Dragon’s Gate Project, newly launched by the Museum of East Asian Art.

    The works of Yinjie Sun tend to focus on his everyday life and surroundings in the UK and China. He integrates Western painting techniques with traditional Chinese values and culture, using art as a universal language to convey Chinese philosophy to wider audiences. In this exhibition, twenty-two paintings depicting every stage of Yinjie’s artistic development during his past five years in the UK (2007-2012) are represented.

    Being an ethnic minority artist living in the multi-cultural environment of London, the culture shock and dramatic changes of everyday life had great impacts on his works. Yinjie was born in the 1980s – a time in which Chinese society underwent dramatic changes. The Chinese governing policy of developing the economy has created a wealthier environment. This generation did not go through wars, famine and the Cultural Revolution and has more exposure and easier access to Western culture. Yinjie’s work is a true reflection of a young Chinese who grew up in a culturally mixed environment. This exhibition is not only an anatomy of the artist’s path to amalgamating the two cultures, but it is also a vivid reflection of China over the past 30 years.

    *For more information, please contact Press Officer Rachel Yi Yuan.

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